If you were unable to work for more than six weeks or 42 days within twelve months, you are entitled to a BEM (betriebliches Eingliederungsmanagement, BEM – reintegration to work after prolonged absence). The reference period is not the calendar year, but the 12 months covered at the time of evaluation. Even if you are still ill at this time or already back at the workplace, you will receive an invitation to a BEM.

If you do not feel capable of taking advantage of this offer due to your current health situation but you wish to do so later, please inform the BEM representative. Starting the BEM process at a later date is also possible.

Participation in the BEM is voluntary. Even if you do not want to take part in a BEM at the moment, you are of course welcome to take advantage of the offer at a later time. Please do not hesitate to contact the BEM representative at any time. They will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about the BEM.

No, participation in the BEM is voluntary. You may only be depriving yourself of the chance of an offer of support from your employer.

For full disclosure, however, please note that in the event of an illness-related termination of your contract, you cannot refer to lack of a BEM in a lawsuit regarding protection against


The BEM is controlled by BEM representatives. They identify the employees who are entitled to a BEM, contacts those persons, leads the initial discussions and, if necessary, more case meetings, logs the results and summarizes the data in the BEM file. In addition, they accompany the entire BEM process up to its implementation and monitoring of the prompt measures.

Depending on the individual case, further persons such as

  • a member appointed by the current staff council
  • a representative for the severely disabled
  • a representative of the Occupational Health Office
  • a representative of the Office for Occupational Safety, Fire Safety and Environment Protection
  • the addiction officer
  • another person you trust

may be involved, if deemed necessary and upon receiving consent from the person going through the BEM.

No, you do not have to provide any information regarding your illness.

The duration of a BEM-briefing depends on the individual. The briefing should take place in a calm and relaxed atmosphere and without time constraints.

First, we would like to inform you about everything necessary, e.g. the voluntariness of the participation, the objective, data protection, the course of the BEM procedure. In addition, you can ask any questions you may have.

Should you decide to take advantage of a BEM, we will try to discuss which measures make sense to support you in returning into your daily working life

All those involved in the BEM are of course obligated to strict confidentiality and can only be released from it by you.

No. Only the BEM invitation, your reply, and the final sheet (see staff agreement) will be recorded in the personnel file. These will be deleted from the personnel file five years after the end of the BEM procedure.
Other essential documentation is recorded in the so-called BEM file and stored separately from the personnel file by the BEM officer. This will also be destroyed five years after the end of the BEM process.

The BEM ends when the mutually agreed-upon measure has been successful, or all possible measures have been exhausted. However, you can terminate the BEM at any time if you no longer wish to continue.

No. However, gradual reintegration is a possible measure to which one can agree in the BEM procedure. The gradual reintegration is voluntary and requires your own and your employer's approval.

Together with your doctor, you create a reintegration plan to return to professional life. As part of the reintegration plan, different aspects are determined:

  • the beginning and the estimated end of reintegration,
  • the increase in occupational times in steps,
  • possible activities and stresses to avoid as well
  • necessary conditions in the workplace that have to be considered.

During the integration phase, the plan can be changed at any time in consultation with those involved.

However, a gradual reintegration can be agreed upon between you and the university without a BEM. Please contact your HR representative if this is what you desire.

HR is always informed of the beginning (invitation letter), your reply and the end of the BEM procedure (final sheet).

For the implementation of recommended measures, involving your HR representative is often unavoidable, as many measures require approval. This is already true for the implementation of a gradual reintegration, but also for a reduction in working hours or changes that can relate to the activity description, for example. If you do not agree to your HR representative’s involvement, the corresponding measures cannot be carried out. This means that the BEM may then have to be terminated without improvement of your situation.